Top 3 Anime Series With Bizarre Plots
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The anime is able to cover a wide range of topics and ideas and they are often in one series or scene. The result can be original but sometime it can be confusing but in the end, they are entertaining. The following are some of the anime films that make people to ask themselves about what may be going on.

Akikan: soda cans that turn into beautiful girls. The anime is about the soda cans that decide to turn into girls one day in Japan. Each girl should drink her respective soda so that he can live and this is about what it is known as the self-feeding vampire. However, the real reason that the steel cans or aluminum cans have turned to girls is to fight for the superiority.

Hetalia: Axis Powers: when you Watch Anime Online, you will find that this anime is more about World War II that met Saved by The Bell. Every country in the allies or axis countries that were fighting in the World War II is portrayed by a teenage girl or a boy and the country is the name of the person like America or Germany.  Such kids will then be involved into different types of the shenanigans and sometime it may involve the shopping, laughing, dating or making the pasta sculptures or summoning of the devils but they do anything else but not to fight. People who Watch Anime English Sub in this series, they may find it hard to explain it to someone especially to the veterans.

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere: the film is about the massive cleavage or history class. In the anime, the mankind has left the world may years ago and they are forced to come back but Japan is no long habitable.  Every person forms the pocket dimensions and they try to reenact all the human civilization thinking that they can be able to leave the world once again.  At the beginning, the anime is more about gigantic breasts, android sex with the bizarre fetishes that make it hard to understand the plot and people who do not Watch Anime Dub until the end; they may not be able to understand it.

Another anime that you may not be able to understand when you Watch Anime English Dubbed is the space traveler or FLCL.  The space traveler who is on Vespa bashes the skull of the kid many times using the electric guitar hoping that he may release the giant robots by the use of the portal on the forehead.  The town during that time is covered by the steam that comes from the industrial complex. An agent that has the eyebrows in the seaweed will be trying to prevent a galactic hand against reaching down and using iron in order to smooth the thoughts of the man.  When you Watch Anime, you will end up falling into the chaos of these series and you will realize that nothing is making any sense.  However, instead of following the plot, you may listen to the songs that accompany it like lobster of revenge since they are more logical.

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