The Basic Principles of Anime
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The first principle is known as squash and stretch: it is about giving the flexibility and the weight to the objects that are drawn. It may be applied on the simple objects on the bouncing balls or to complex constructions like the musculature of the human face.

Anticipation is used to prepare the audience for the action that follows when they

Watch Anime Online. When a dancer jumps of a floor, he should bend the knees before and the golfer has to swing a club before hitting the ball.

Staging it is the same as staging for the films and theater. The purpose is directing the attention of the audience and to make everything clear about what it is the most important thing. This may be done in many ways like using the light and the shadow, putting the character in a frame or using a certain position or angle.

Straight ahead action or pose to pose: They are two approaches that are used to draw, the straight ahead action is used to draw a scene after another and a frame after a frame from the start to an end. The pose to pose is about drawing key frames and to fill in intervals afterwards. It is better for emotional and dramatic scene where the relation and the composition to the surrounding are of great importance.

Follow Through or Overlapping action:  people who Watch Anime English Sub that use the two techniques, may not see the difference since they are two techniques that render the movement to be realistic and they give an impression that the character are following laws of physics and this includes principle of inertia.
Slow in or slow out: when people Watch Anime Dub, the movement of the objects and of the human body should be given the time to slow down or to accelerate. This is why, the animation may look realistic and more drawings are used near the beginning or towards the end of the action and this emphasizes about the extreme poses while fewer are found within the middle.

Arc: for the people who Watch Anime English Dubbed, they are expecting that everything follow the arched trajectory since it makes things to look real. The technique may be applied to the moving limbs, throwing objects or rotating the joints or through moving the parabolic trajectory. The only exception is the mechanical movement that moves in the straight line. More explained here.

Secondary action: when a secondary action is added on the main action, it gives the scene life and it can help in supporting main action. When a person works, he may swing the arms or he may keep the arm in the pocket, whistle or speak and he can express emotions with facial expressions. When people Watch Anime with the secondary action, they see the emphasis on the first action and not putting more attention to the second action.

Timing is about the number of frames or drawings that are included within one action and this translates in how faster the action in the films take place.  The correct timing makes the items look as if they are obeying the law of physics. Other principles are exaggeration, solid drawing and appeal.

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