Learn to How to Draw Anime and Manga Like a Professional
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It is not a problem if you want to learn how to draw manga since there are many places where you can get the guidelines to do it.  The key to make the best manga that people who like to Watch Anime Online can enjoy is to practice. When you start to learn how to draw manga, you should not expect that you can make the perfect picture at once. It takes time to achieve the pictures that look as the pictures you see in your favorite manga.

You should start by learning about anatomy: Some tutorial says that you do not have to know anatomy before you can draw manga but this is not true. For stylized art, it is important to be aware of how the real body has been put together and know where you can exaggerate.

Use the reference: sometime this may seem as if it is taking too much of your time, however, if you are not aware of something, you need to look it up online so that you can make it to look much better. You should also Watch Anime English Sub to know how props and poses are made.  You should not imagine something and draw it out of the head.

Do not copy: you can learn from the favorite artist but you should not copy from him. When you copy someone, you may also end up copying their flaws.  You should break down and see what you like and what you do not like and decide on your own style.

Use the guidelines and Watch Anime Dub:  learning from others and getting the guidelines will help you in the long run.  You can easily put down the pose and be able to compare the sizes and the shapes.  The artist who follows the guidelines do not make the anatomy errors. Each professional has to start with a skeleton and start to draw the picture afterwards.

Welcome criticism: people who Watch Anime English Dubbed can tell you what they think is wrong depending on what they see in other anime. Always take time to listen to every criticism and even if it is not important to take up every criticism thrown at you, you should go back to your style and check why the person said what he said.

To know what to expect while drawing, you have to Watch Anime and to read really manga. Look for good books that have been written by good artists. You should also be aware of the difference between the trademark manga, anime manga, American anime and others.

You should start by drawing animals and manga characters before you get to know how to draw the books. This is the way that technique of the book may sink unconsciously while drawing. When you use a book that teaches how to draw step by step, you should not skip to reach to the last drawings and to copy that.  This is known as cheating, it is good to learn how to draw things as the eye lines and circles. You cannot draw character using one pose within the books; you have to try your own style.


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