Is This a Zombie? Episode 1 Review
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The first episode of Is This a Zombie? (Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?) wasn’t really anything crazy or deep. OK, well, maybe it was a little bit crazy. Either way, it was enjoyable.


Is This a Zombie? is one of those animes you can’t take to seriously or you won’t enjoy it. Basically, you take perverted fun, weird characters, a little bit of upskirt, sexy anime chicks, and a “decent” plot, mix it all together to create magical garment girl cupcakes and what comes out just might be Is This a Zombie?. For those of you who are looking for an actual “Zombie” anime, this fo sho isn’t it. If you’re looking for a fun anime that you can’t take to seriously, you will probably like this one.

This is the review of the first episode of Is This a Zombie? (Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?). The first episode is basically an introduction into this wild anime. I enjoyed the first episode, as it was new and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The main character is of course. the zombie. Meet Ayumu. Ayumu is your standard average high school guy. The only difference is that he lives in a house with (at the moment) two girls who basically treat him like dirt 24/7, he has superhuman strength, and naturally he is a zombie.

Ayumu was brought back to life by a hottie necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe. He was murdered by someone, and the “main plot” of the anime is supposed to be Ayumu finding out who murdered him so he can stop them. At least that is what I gathered from this ep. From the short scene, he was apparently stabbed in the back with a katana and left to die.

In this episode you find out that Ayumu was murdered and that he is currently looking for that murderer. That may sound like a serious plot, but don’t kid yourself. As the episode progresses, in pops another chick, Haruna, which is a magical garment girl.

“Long” story short, Haruna and Ayumu meet in the graveyard after Ayumu went for a little walk at night. Haruna is having a battle with a werebear looking thing. The werebear impales Ayumu and Haruna takes it upon herself to cut Ayumu in half all whilst slaying the creature.

Ayumu and Haruna have a little chit chat while he is lying there cut in half and he informs her that he is a zombie. Well that explains why he didn’t die… All while this is happening, there is a bit of comedy, OK the whole thing is comedy. There is some upskirt going on, perverse comments, and other “WTF”‘s also.

Shortly after Ayumu and Haruna’s meeting, Haruna informs Ayumu that she is going to erase his memory. He freaks out a little and before you know it, Haruna is standing there naked. Now we are getting somewhere! Haruna accuses Ayumu of stealing her magical garment girl powers. All I can say is get ready for some more naked Haruna because this isn’t the last time she will be in her birthday suit.

So like I said before, Ayumu isn’t your traditional zombie. He doesn’t look like a zombie, he doesn’t move like a zombie, etc… From what I can gather, he can’t really die either, at least not with Eucliwood Hellscythe around. But there are still a few scenes that allow your mind to see what Ayumu would look like if he indeed were a traditional zombie. BEWARE!!!!

Lol, BUT, Ayumu is still a loving, caring, non brain eating guy that wishes he could fondle Miss Eucliwood Hellscythe, and oh, he loves kittens!

Back to a more serious review (heh who am I kiddin’), after Haruna and Ayumu become lifelong friends in the graveyard, Haruna loses her magical garment girl powers and moves in with Ayumu and Lady Hellscythe. As usual, Lady Hellscythe has nothing to say (more on that in other reviews) and Ayumu is just, well, Ayumu. Pretty much all that can happen to this guy, has happened. Not even close!

Ayumu is invited by his friend Orito to watch a zombie movie. How ironic.  Ayumu declines and Orito leaves the classroom. In walks a creepy fellow in a nice suit and informs Ayumu that he “wants” Ayumu and wants to get to the “bottom” of things, if you know what I mean. Ayumu is feeling rather violated and doesn’t know what to do. In pops Haruna with her chainsaw. Once again, Haruna gets all naked and stuff. Shocker. She informs Ayumu she has no powers and the only way to stop Mr. Lobster dude is for Ayumu to transform into a magical garment girl. Hmmmm….

After a few very feminine groans and moans from Ayumu, he is all sexied up in his magical garment girl outfit. Oh baby!

He makes quick work of the Pervy lobster guy and cuts him right down the middle. But not without some much needed magical garment ummmm guy upskirt! There is all kinds of this all throughout the series.

Ayumu has a pretty sweet life I would say. He gets to be a zombie with superhuman strength, live with some pretty hot chicks, and hey, he gets to wear some pretty sexy clothes lol. But nothing would be complete without everyone knowing about his cross dressing new lifestyle. Ayumu doesn’t even know it’s a permanent things until the very end of the episode when Haruna informs him and everyone else that Ayumu is a magical garment girl forever! With a few snapshots on all his school peers phones and quite an embarrassed look on Ayumu’s face, the episode comes to a close.

All in all, I actually really enjoyed the first episode of Is This a Zombie? (Kore wa zombie desu ka?). It’s quite a funny anime and doesn’t try to take itself to seriously. It builds on and uses many different genres in the anime world. It pieces them all together fairly well and the end result is this.

I would actually recommend this anime to you. If you don’t enjoy a little bit of the harem genre mixed in with some supernatural genre blended with some mystery thrown in there, you won’t enjoy Is This a Zombie?. But you might. Who knows.

Stay “tuned” for the review of the second episode of Is This a Zombie? (Kore wa zombie desu ka?).

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