Heat Guy J Review
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Daisuke Aurora works at the Department of Security, Central Headquarters Special Services. Together with his android companion, J, he helps the police department to rid the city of Judoh of crime.


I must admit I was a bit dubious about Heat Guy J to begin with. It boasted almost every genre of anime you can think of (action, mecha, sci-fi etc) that I thought it was bound to do one of two things. It was either going to do a half-baked job of everything, or it’s going to fit together perfectly. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised.

The plot basically revolves around Daisuke and J helping to clear up crime in the city, but there are a lot of underlying sub-plots running throughout the series too. You’ll meet a lot of mysterious characters with seemingly unknown pasts, which become unfolded as the series progresses.

The voice-acting is superb, both for the sub and dubbed versions. Daisuke’s cool, laid-back attitude really comes out, and Clair’s laugh borders on psychotic, which really, is just what he’s like. J also makes some philosophical statements from time to time, like how you shouldn’t give to recieve, which is unnecessary, but a nice little quip for him, and also enhances on his and Daisuke’s relationship as companions.

The backgrounds are all nicely done, and the character detail is thorough. There are some nice 3D effects used too. Sometimes they may seem out of place, like when J shows his true form, but that rarely happens.

This is where a negative issue comes in. For an anime that claims to be “action-packed” there really isn’t a whole lot of action that goes on, which is a shame, because when it does happen, you won’t be disappointed.

Towards the end of the series, a major sub-plot opens up, which is where things start heating up. I was a little disappointed with the ending of the series, as it seemed a bit too anti-climatic for all the stuff that went on previously, but it does leave it open for a second series, which I would gladly like to watch.


Despite not giving the explosive action it promised, Heat Guy J is a well thought out anime with some intriguing and likeable characters. There’s a little something for everybody in here, and the great thing is, it’s done very well indeed.

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