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My Difference between English Dub and English Sub Anime
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We’ve traveled the world involving anime mostly Watch Anime Online. Some anime I favor to watch in English dub. Others I would prefer to watch in English subscription. All in all I’d like the best story and quality that all anime production is offering. This is why my spouse and i watch these dramatic along with complex versions.

The trouble Watch Anime English Sub

My biggest pro pertaining to English dub is that will I’m hearing the shows around my own language. This makes the picture easier to follow. This also puts my attention for the picture of the method. However, a con pertains to mind when I recognize that the English dub is not telling or showing everything concerning the anime from the first versions stand point. The most important thing that bothers me about Watch Anime English Sub would be the way in a great deal of anime is the mouths of the characters can’t stay in sync using the audio vocals of what there’re saying. I don’t know with regards to you but this frustrates me wanting to keep-up with the story not forgetting all the action. Given watching English dub is good, but it is not the original published work in productions for your actual story.

What the disadvantages of Anime English Sub

A con for Watch Anime English Sub anime is not knowing the language and requiring you to read subtitles to follow what’s happening, but still the pro is that it must be the original un-cut version of the anime to watch. This is just what makes it worthwhile if you ask me. More details here.

Sub or Dub? Style Acting and Authenticity

Would you Watch Anime English Sub, or even the dub? It’s kind of a loaded question on the subject of anime. You’re never quite guaranteed what the asker is trying to get at. Are they wanting to assess how hardcore, how “real” an anime fan you might be? How do you solution? If you say dub, will they tell you have no taste? That the dubs are offensively poor when compared to the original Japanese – that you lose any cultural nuance?

What a sub and a dub actually are?

Firstly, for anyone who doesn’t know, i want to clear up what a sub and a dub actually are. Anime mainly originates from Japan and so, definitely, it’s written and executed in Japanese. When it pertains to showing anime in various other territories though, production companies have to produce a choice. Do they simply translate everything and subtitle the show/movie? Or do they spend the time and money hiring actors and a voice director to re-record (or dub) the dialogue into the new language? It was once those fans of Watch Anime English Dubbed away from Japan didn’t get much of a choice. Before anime had reached as big a global audience the companies that will brought it over didn’t have the resources to do anything aside from subtitle the works.

This is an article to show the main reason why it is good to observe anime in both categories of dialect- Watch Anime English Dubbed, and more further you can find related information here:… [Read the rest]

Heat Guy J Review
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Daisuke Aurora works at the Department of Security, Central Headquarters Special Services. Together with his android companion, J, he helps the police department to rid the city of Judoh of crime.


I must admit I was a bit dubious about Heat Guy J to begin with. It boasted almost every genre of anime you can think of (action, mecha, sci-fi etc) that I thought it was bound to do one of two things. It was either going to do a half-baked job of everything, or it’s going to fit together perfectly. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised.

The plot basically revolves around Daisuke and J helping to clear up crime in the city, but there are a lot of underlying sub-plots running throughout the series too. You’ll meet a lot of mysterious characters with seemingly unknown pasts, which become unfolded as the series progresses.

The voice-acting is superb, both for the sub and dubbed versions. Daisuke’s cool, laid-back attitude really comes out, and Clair’s laugh borders on psychotic, which really, is just what he’s like. J also makes some philosophical statements from time to time, like how you shouldn’t give to recieve, which is unnecessary, but a nice little quip for him, and also enhances on his and Daisuke’s relationship as companions.

The backgrounds are all nicely done, and the character detail is thorough. There are some nice 3D effects used too. Sometimes they may seem out of place, like when J shows his true form, but that rarely happens.

This is where a negative issue comes in. For an anime that claims to be “action-packed” there really isn’t a whole lot of action that goes on, which is a shame, because when it does happen, you won’t be disappointed.

Towards the end of the series, a major sub-plot opens up, which is where things start heating up. I was a little disappointed with the ending of the series, as it seemed a bit too anti-climatic for all the stuff that went on previously, but it does leave it open for a second series, which I would gladly like to watch.


Despite not giving the explosive action it promised, Heat Guy J is a well thought out anime with some intriguing and likeable characters. There’s a little something for everybody in here, and the great thing is, it’s done very well indeed.

Always visit and watch your anime online.… [Read the rest]

Hunter x Hunter 122 – Words vs. Ass-Kicking
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Apologies for being late with this post. I got hit with illness immediately upon returning home and felt like garbage yesterday. Any thoughts I had would definitely have been incoherent goop. Today, they will be only semi-incoherent goop. Enjoy!

This episode. Man, this episode. We finally get Netero (with Banjou Ginga as his new voice actor; RIP, Ichirou Nagai) vs. the Chimera Ant King, and it unfolds in such an interesting way before the fisticuffs even begin. Netero and the King jump down from their Nen dragon and spike the ground like two meteors burning through the Earth’s atmosphere. I expected them to start beating the hell out of each other after a bit of staring down. Nope. Instead, he sits down and offers Netero peace talks. He prefaces it by saying, “Look, I can kick your ass. I know it. You know it. Let’s not shed blood meaninglessly. You’re a good guy. Work with me.” One could be forgiven for seeing it as the bad guy trying to weasel out of fighting the good guy.

But it’s not. In fact, for a moment it’s as if the roles are reversed.

I recently finished Legend of the Galactic Heroes. In this scene, the King reminds me briefly of Reinhard von Lohengramm, the youth who rises to the top of the Galactic Empire and shifts the direction of his kingdom. Like Reinhard, the King initially exists to fulfill a selfish impulse (“I’MMA RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!” for the Ant King and “I will kill every rotten, power-abusing noble asshole in the Empire!!” for Reinhard) that eventually becomes purer (“I will use my power to protect the weak” for the Ant King and the reshaping of society for Reinhard). They both have someone who helps nurture a more humanistic compassion in them (Komugi for the Ant King and Hildegard von Mariendorf for Reinhard after … spoilers). And they both represent the benevolent dictator at the head of an autocratic society (ideally). When the King invited Netero to sit down and treat with him, I’m not gonna lie, I got REALLY excited. I love when characters speak with each other intelligently about things that MATTER, things that we have stakes in.

So when Netero decides to smack the King with his GIANT BODHISATTVA HAND instead of chatting with him, I briefly reacted like, “wow that was a real dick move, buddy.” That’s how big the shift in the King has been — I momentarily forgot what a real danger he is despite the massive shift in his thinking.

First of all, Netero’s hands are tied. He’s the leader of an organization that ultimately serves people. Many Hunters go and do their own thing, but they get hired for jobs, too. If you go back on your word, that’s it. It’s an ideal that Netero upholds even though he knows full well this is a shit situation. I mentioned Reinhard earlier; well, this is the type of situation in which Reinhard’s counterpart in the Free Planets Alliance, Yang Wenli, would find himself. He believes unshakingly in his ideal of democracy even though he’s constantly shit on by corrupt and/or idiotic politicians. Yang often tried to talk people out of dumb ideas, but when he couldn’t do that, he would follow an order, even into disaster. That’s Netero here. Even if he were convinced that the King has fully embraced his human side, Netero would still try to kill the King. It’s why he was hired. If he doesn’t try to fulfill his mission, the organization as a whole suffers.

But let’s go backward a bit. What if Netero didn’t have that weighing on his mind? What if he could just make his own decision, damn the consequences? I still think he would try to kill the King. The key is that he is not yet convinced that the King is not dangerous to humanity despite embracing more of his human side. Look at his choice of words (in the Crunchyroll translation): “I must make this fast … before my heart is swayed.” There’s still an underlying suspicion. It’s not that the King is knowingly trying to trick Netero; rather, there’s the fear that the … [Read the rest]

Is This a Zombie? Episode 1 Review
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The first episode of Is This a Zombie? (Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?) wasn’t really anything crazy or deep. OK, well, maybe it was a little bit crazy. Either way, it was enjoyable.


Is This a Zombie? is one of those animes you can’t take to seriously or you won’t enjoy it. Basically, you take perverted fun, weird characters, a little bit of upskirt, sexy anime chicks, and a “decent” plot, mix it all together to create magical garment girl cupcakes and what comes out just might be Is This a Zombie?. For those of you who are looking for an actual “Zombie” anime, this fo sho isn’t it. If you’re looking for a fun anime that you can’t take to seriously, you will probably like this one.

This is the review of the first episode of Is This a Zombie? (Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?). The first episode is basically an introduction into this wild anime. I enjoyed the first episode, as it was new and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The main character is of course. the zombie. Meet Ayumu. Ayumu is your standard average high school guy. The only difference is that he lives in a house with (at the moment) two girls who basically treat him like dirt 24/7, he has superhuman strength, and naturally he is a zombie.

Ayumu was brought back to life by a hottie necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe. He was murdered by someone, and the “main plot” of the anime is supposed to be Ayumu finding out who murdered him so he can stop them. At least that is what I gathered from this ep. From the short scene, he was apparently stabbed in the back with a katana and left to die.

In this episode you find out that Ayumu was murdered and that he is currently looking for that murderer. That may sound like a serious plot, but don’t kid yourself. As the episode progresses, in pops another chick, Haruna, which is a magical garment girl.

“Long” story short, Haruna and Ayumu meet in the graveyard after Ayumu went for a little walk at night. Haruna is having a battle with a werebear looking thing. The werebear impales Ayumu and Haruna takes it upon herself to cut Ayumu in half all whilst slaying the creature.

Ayumu and Haruna have a little chit chat while he is lying there cut in half and he informs her that he is a zombie. Well that explains why he didn’t die… All while this is happening, there is a bit of comedy, OK the whole thing is comedy. There is some upskirt going on, perverse comments, and other “WTF”‘s also.

Shortly after Ayumu and Haruna’s meeting, Haruna informs Ayumu that she is going to erase his memory. He freaks out a little and before you know it, Haruna is standing there naked. Now we are getting somewhere! Haruna accuses Ayumu of stealing her magical garment girl powers. All I can say is get ready for some more naked Haruna because this isn’t the last time she will be in her birthday suit.

So like I said before, Ayumu isn’t your traditional zombie. He doesn’t look like a zombie, he doesn’t move like a zombie, etc… From what I can gather, he can’t really die either, at least not with Eucliwood Hellscythe around. But there are still a few scenes that allow your mind to see what Ayumu would look like if he indeed were a traditional zombie. BEWARE!!!!

Lol, BUT, Ayumu is still a loving, caring, non brain eating guy that wishes he could fondle Miss Eucliwood Hellscythe, and oh, he loves kittens!

Back to a more serious review (heh who am I kiddin’), after Haruna and Ayumu become lifelong friends in the graveyard, Haruna loses her magical garment girl powers and moves in with Ayumu and Lady Hellscythe. As usual, Lady Hellscythe has nothing to say (more on that in other reviews) and Ayumu is just, well, Ayumu. Pretty much all that can happen to this guy, has happened. Not even close!

Ayumu is invited by his friend Orito to … [Read the rest]

Kill la Kill episode 24 – It’s our kind of nonsense (finale)
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Trying to sum up what happened in this ending is both difficult and yet surprisingly easy. So Lady Gaga wants to cover the world in alien clothing and have humanity give itself up to clothes, but then her daughter and her sailor uniform, who are both part human and part clothing(?), kill the mother and then everyone gets naked. That’s the difficult bit out of the way. Now comes the easy part of explaining what this is supposed to mean and symbolise: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Lots of fun, but otherwise clothes and stuff.

Before I get into this little tirade, I want to first make it clear that I really enjoyed watching Kill la Kill. It was a blast week to week, particularly when they got more creative with the battles. The fights with the Elite Four were my favourite parts of the whole series, particularly the battle with the music conductor and the two of them flying around the battlefield paying no attention to the rules of warfare. That and Mako cracked me up week after week. It will definitely end up on my top 10 anime of 2014 at the end of the year, barring an extraordinary miracle and we get tons of absolutely amazing anime.

That said, you know that feeling you get when you finish an awesome anime and your life feels a little bit empty afterwards? Like moving on from this will leave a hole in your heart where those characters lived for the past 6 months. Saying goodbye to the series feels bittersweet because of the great times you had but now it’s over? I got none of that from finishing Kill la Kill. Not even a sliver, and I get that feeling sometimes from finishing anime that aren’t even that good. I got bits of that from finishing stuff like Kamisama Dolls and Hanasaku Iroha. Kill la Kill? Oh, it’s over? Welp, guess we’re moving on.

I had no attachment to anything that was going on. Not any of the characters and certainly not the plot. Satsuki’s change from villain to hero feels quite silly looking back on it. I wouldn’t call the hellish conditions enforced by Satsuki, where she had people collapse in molten lava to get to school, as the actions of someone merely misguided who just needs to see the light. The only way they were allowed to do it was by introducing a villain even more stupidly evil. Matoi is pretty one-dimensional and spent the series mostly just yelling a lot. Coming to terms with who she was made for a decent enough arc I’ll grant her that. With no emotional attachment to the characters and nothing invested in what happened to the plot, my enjoyment feels superficial.

I’ve heard the argument that I shouldn’t have even been expecting any great story or characters from Kill la Kill. It was never that kind of show. You should just accept it for what it is and have fun because that’s clearly what it’s trying to do. Which I partly agree with. I do think they were trying to make engaging characters and didn’t really achieve that because the writing wasn’t up to scratch but Kill la Kill was definitely made with the intention of just having lots of fun explosions and naked people. It was tonally consistent in that regard. And indeed I did have fun with it and mostly only viewed it on that level. But you don’t hand out a prize for someone doing the high jump over a bar 50cm off the ground. I enjoyed Kill la Kill, but my enjoyment wasn’t that high due to Kill la Kill’s own limitations. I’m excited to see what anime Trigger do next (or the anime after next, since their next is a crappy light novel adaptation). I just hope they hire a better writer next time.

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